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Iced Out Genetics is a collaboration and partner website of Epitome Seeds.

We are the breeder and wholesaler of Iced Out Genetics and Epitome Seeds. With over 32 years in this business, we use the latest tech to produce Iced Out Genetics, genetically perfect hybrid flower seeds. The Epitome of perfection starts here! Free Shipping to all states via USPS with tracking. We are based in Michigan and usually ship out within 24 hours of receiving the order. Instructions are included with every order. Choose Iced Out Genetics for your next level genetics! Text us anytime @ 269-716-1639.


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In this Iced Out Genetics blog post, we will learn about the Cannabis Law in Louisiana, the changes in medical & recreational use, understand the state’s current laws on marijuana to be more compliant. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in cannabis law, particularly as it relates to medical and recreational use. In Louisiana, the laws surrounding marijuana use are changing, and it is important for individuals and businesses to understand these changes.

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Not only are our products top-notch, but we also pride ourselves on the service we provide. Too many stores make the buying experience tedious and the aftercare awful. Well, not us!

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